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Like almost every company that owns a website, uses cookies on its websites. A cookie is a small, unique text information file that is sent to your computer when you visit a website. Cookies have many functions. Among other things, they collect information, memorize the visitor's personal preferences, and use them for example. when using online shopping carts, and generally make the website easier for users to use.

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Each modern browser can set whether or not a visitor accepts cookies. You can also customize your browser settings to notify you when a website wants to place a cookie on your browser, as well as how long different types of cookies may remain or be deleted when you close your browser. It is important to know that certain services of certain websites are specifically dependent on the acceptance of cookies, so if you disable cookies, the visitor will experience unexpected operation of the website and, in the worst case, it will be impossible to use the services of the website.

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Types of cookies

A session cookie is a type of cookie that is needed to maintain the most basic browsing processes. Otherwise, the site-to-page process cannot be followed by the website. The content of a cookie is usually limited to 20-30 quasi-random alphanumeric characters.

Advertising and browsing cookies are cookies that collect a visitor's browsing habits on a website, enabling them to offer more targeted and customized offers, and thus enhance the user experience while browsing. The content of the cookie is more informal than session cookies, but it does not even contain the visitor's personal information.

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Zsolt Kardos EV. your website session cookie allows your clients to access the content of the site that is required to register. And with its advertising and browsing cookies, we look at our visitors' habits to make our services more efficient and to improve the user experience on our Site.


"Queen" - Green Apartment

Our green color Apartment on the ground-floor has a floor space of 25 m2, which is suitable for 3 people. Details

"Aqua" - Blue Apartment

The exclusive atmosphere of the bathroom is represented by the tiles which are in harmony with the color of the room Details

"Design" - Purple Apartment

The special design of this apartment is represented by the design wallpaper on the wall. Details

"Latte" - Brown Apartman

The special design of this apartment is represented by the 3D-panel wall-art in the room. Details

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